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O is for Oncology-Jacob Carter/Selmak Alphabet Soup

This is my fifth Alphabet Soup piece, my second entry for Jacob Carter/Selmak hosted by sg_fignewton as part of Gen Fic Day on her LJ in August 2009.

Title: O is for Oncology
Author: samantilles
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 2x09 Secrets, 2x11 & 2x12 The Tok'ra, parts 1 & 2
Category: Angst, Family/Friendship
Prompt: The Letter 0
Word Count: 307
Beta: Super thanks to for a superfast turnaround and the opportunity to submit a second piece!

The last thing Jacob Carter wanted was to die alone in an oncology ward. As his body worked to kill itself, he spent many hours in brooding silence lying alone, unable to concentrate on a book or the television. A single thought kept him preoccupied; I can’t die alone.

When the Oncology ward released him, he went home to a large empty house whose memories of laughter and love haunted him. Jacob swore he heard the patter of footsteps in the late evening and always expected his little girl to run around the corner and leap into his lap.

He wrote a hundred imaginary letters to his son and made just as many imaginary phone calls to his daughter, but too stubborn to ever put his feelings down on paper or say them out loud. He was down to weeks, according to his doctor, but it was the days of silence and loneliness that nearly killed him.

Then George Hammond called out of the blue and told him that his precious little girl won the Air Force Medal, inviting him to the ceremony in DC. His doctors would never have let him travel, if they had known, but he saw this as his chance to reconnect with his daughter. He pulled out his dress blues, carefully aligned his decorations and mulled over polishing his shoes while the conversation with his daughter he must have rewrote itself in his head over and over again.

He took a gamble, packing up the house. He used every connection he had, calling NASA and the Air Force Space Command. He put his house in order and left for Washington with a small truck of furniture on its way to Colorado Springs, the letter he finally wrote to Mark in his bag, and hope in his heart that he wouldn’t die alone.

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