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Heinz or Hunts? (turns out he likes mustard as well)

So back in December, tejas wrote a rant on the frequent use of extraneous details of food and kitchenware and generally how incorrect the portion sizes of food are for 6"+ men who live active lifestyles. Well, somewhere down the line hsapiens commented that she really couldn't care less whether Jack preferred Heinz or Hunt's ketchup, and thus this double drabble was born. The rant & thread of comments is listed here.

Title: Heinz or Hunt's?
author: samantilles
Word Count: 209
Category: SG-1, fluff, drabble
Disclaimer: Don't own Jack, Daniel, those fries which I'm coveting right now, nor any kind of ketchup company. If I did, well, I'd make myself loads of money with all the ketchup I consume normally.

Daniel angrily banged the ketchup bottle on the edge of the table trying to loosen up the viscous condiment. He was interrupted when Jack restrained his arm from banging the bottle again. "You know, there's an easier way to do that Daniel. You don't always have to go for the violent way. What did the tomatoes ever do to you?" Daniel just glared back at the smirking colonel.

"Fine, if it's so easy, you do it!" Daniel skidded the bottle across the table to Jack, who reached over and slid Daniel's plate towards him.

"You see here, on the edge of the bottle here?" Jack twirled the bottle in his hands, pointing to a small embossed 57. "Tap here gently, and the ketchup will just ooze on out." And the ketchup did just as Jack said. It was a trick Charlie showed him, believe it or not. Daniel slitted his eyes in an angry glare and pulled the plate back, knocking off a few of the fries on his plate. "You know, you can't survive on carbs and chocolate only, Daniel. Next time add some meat and veggies to that plate."

"I don't know what you're talking about Jack. Last I checked, you just put tomatoes on my plate."

Wordle: Heinz or Hunts?
Tags: daniel, drabble, fanfiction, jack o'neill, stargate sg-1
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